The Most Common Kickstart Scheme Questions

The new Government Kickstart Scheme provides funding to create new job placements for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit who are at risk of long term unemployment. Employers of all sizes can apply for funding which covers:

Employers can spread the start date of the job placements up until the end of December 2021.A Kickstart Scheme application must be for a minimum of 30 job placements. If a single employer cannot provide this many job placements, they can find a Kickstart gateway, such as a local authority, charity or trade body for help applying.Further funding is available for training and support so that young people on the scheme can get a job in the future.

Working with the Kickstart Scheme every day, we’ve been able to muster up some of the most common questions we get from applicants.

  1. How do I apply?
    To apply to the Kickstart Scheme directly, you must have at least 30 job placements. If you’re looking for anything less, you need to go through a Kickstart gateway provider like Kickstart Wraparound, who will submit applications in batches of 30. To apply, simply visit our full application page and fill this out:
  2. What do I need to apply?
    All you need to apply is your business information, such as your registered company number, address and a job description. Any business small or large can apply.
  3. Does it cost me anything to apply?
    It doesn’t cost you anything to apply to the Kickstart Scheme, either through the Government website or through a gateway provider. If you have been charged through a Gateway provider, it’s a red flag that they may not be the most trustworthy organisation to partner with.
  4. What do I get when I apply to the Kickstart Scheme?
    You receive 100% of employment costs for a total of 6 months under the National Minimum Wage, as well as National Insurance contributions. You also receive £1,500 per funding per job placement. This can be used for set up costs and training that is required when you take on a young person through the Kickstart Scheme. If someone else helps you to do some of this for you, like providing training through your Kickstart gateway provider, you’ll have to agree how you will share this money.
  5. Why do I need to train my Kickstart employee?
    For each job placement you must help the young person become more employable. This could include:
    – Looking for long-term work, including career advice and setting goals
    – Support with curriculum vitae (CV) and interview preparations
    – Developing their skills in the workplace
    This is a requirement for each Kickstart employee and if not provided can breach the Kickstart Scheme agreement.
  6. How does your Kickstart Employee get paid?
    The DWP will send the funding to the Kickstart Scheme gateway. They will be responsible for sending the funding to the employer.£1,500 setup costs will be paid when the young person starts the job placement. If the employer gets someone else to do some of the job placement setup and employability support, such as a Kickstart gateway, they will have to agree how to share this money.DWP will use information from HMRC to check that the young person is still employed. The grant funding to pay the young person’s salary will be paid in monthly arrears when we know they are:enrolled on the employer’s payroll
    being paid through Pay As You Earn (PAYE)
    The employer can pay a higher wage and for more hours but the funding will not cover this.
  7. Who could your Kickstart Employee be?
    Your Kickstart employee has to be an 18-24-year-old who is currently on Universal Credit. This means that they may have had 4 years of experience working in your sector and could have previously lost their job due to COVID-19.If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us through our contact page and fire away!